Check out the product details, images, specs, videos, customer reviews, shipping and return policy

Then click Add to cart.

Then view cart or Checkout.

In Checkout page , fill your accurate and current information. the vendor will communicate with you by this email posted in checkout page  ( It is better that you post different email from your email used for your registration in

check box I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions*

and click Place order.

When the customer place an order, it represents that you submit and sign agency contract (between you and us as an agent) asking us to request the vendor to deliver the product or the products to you (the customer) when he possess the product. It is not sale contract. The vendor can cancel the order any time if he can not possess the product.

Then click Connect in MetaMask.

After connect MetaMask, click Deposit.  

Then confirm in metamask.

Click Pay.

Then Confirm in Metamask.

When the vendor delivers the product to you (the buyer), the vendor marks the order status as completed. This represents submitting and assigning sale contract (between the vendor and us as agent for buyer) in which the vendor delivers the product to the customer and sell the product to you (the customer).

The vendor should only mark orders as ‘completed’ when the vendor delivers the product.

If the vendor marks the order as ‘completed’ when your product has not been delivered yet, please contact us.

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