First register on then click on Sell on mall of PERLA

Then fill your information. Your store name or username or display name should not include the word “mall of perla “.

Access your dashboard from ( click here to access dashboard). 

From vendor profile in dashboard enter Payment section and write your PERLA wallet address that will receive your payout. 

In Shipping section in vendor profile: check on Enable shipping cost .

The vendor should write his shipping policy and refund policy. The vendor defines the country which he ships from and countries which he ships to.

The vendor also defines return shipping cost (free return shipping or not as the buyer will pay return shipping costs ).

Select location from shipping from .

In Shipping Areas : click Add shipping zone.

Write zone name and regions and add shipping method. you can setup different shipping zone, each zone has region or regions  which share in shipping methods.

Select Limit to specific zip/postcodes (if applicable) to further narrow which customers match this zone. For example, you can set a local zone with a specific set of postcodes (one per line); a range of postcodes (e.g. 90210…99000), or use wildcards (e.g. CB23*).

In add shipping method :select flat rate or free shipping or local pickup. Do not select per-product. Then change parameters of selected shipping method.


Select Products then Add New

Write product name and description.Write product short description or product features description. Choose your product category from product categories and brands.The vendor should list items in an appropriate category. Do not list prohibited itemsWrite product tags.

The vendor upload image or video or gallery for products from featured image from URL or featured slider from URL or video gallery from URL or image gallery from URL or image variation from URL ( in variable product) or insert from URL at Add Media button in product description.You can use  or google photos or or  . Do not upload images in product page directly to our website. Before uploading images you should use image optimizer online as  or  any image optimizer or compresser website.

To get direct image url from flickr:

1-Click a photo to open it.
2-Click the Download icon.
3-Click View all sizes.
4-Click on the size you want to see.
5-Right-click the image.
6-Select Copy Image Location or Copy Image URL or copy image address  (text may vary per browser).

Select product type: simple or variable product from the Product Data dropdown.

In Shipping :

if you want to add per product shipping cost on top of any additional shipping methods (excluding free shipping) you have activated , check Enable per-product shipping cost and Add per-product shipping cost to all shipping method rates?

The table is where you define your custom rates. Click ‘Insert row’ and fill in each column;

  • Country Code – Use the 2 digit country code, e.g. US or GB
  • State/country Code – Use a 2 digit state code, e.g. AL or NY
  • Zip/postcode – Enter a single postcode to apply the rule to. Use a wildcard to match multiple similar postcodes, e.g. PE* or 90210
  • Line Cost – Enter a cost which is applied to the line (ignores quantity). 
  • Item Cost – Enter a cost which is applied to the item (cost * quantity). 

 You may add as many rows as you need. Only one row will match the customer location, starting from top to bottom

If the product is non refundable, select Advanced then check disable refund.

In variable product

Select Variable product from the Product Data dropdown.

In the Attributes section, add attributes before creating variations.

To add a new attribute specific to the product:

1-Select Custom product attribute and click Add.
2-Name the attribute (e.g., Color, Size ).
3-Set values separated by a vertical pipe, | (e.g., Small | Medium | Large) OR (Red|Green).
4-Enable  Used for variations checkbox.
5-Click Save attributes.

To add a variation, go to the Variations section in the Product Data

Manually Add a Variation

1-Select Add variation from the dropdown menu, and select Go.

2-Select attributes for your variation. To change additional data, click the triangle icon to expand the variation.

3-Edit any available data. The only required field is Regular Price.

4-Click Save changes.


 To Add an Image to the Variation

Click refresh in Image variation from URL and upload image. 

Creating All Possible Variations

Select Create variations from all attributes to have  every possible combination of variations and click Go.

When order status changes from On hold to Processing, this means the customer pay the product and then the vendor can delivers the product to the customer after that.

The vendor should only mark orders as ‘completed’ when the vendor delivers the product to the customer. This represents submitting and assigning sale contract (between the vendor and us as agent for buyer) in which the vendor delivers the product to the customer and sell the product to the customer.

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